The Gibling by
NFP by Infolab of Stadtwerkstatt

NFP - Non Fungible Pictures

The community currency Gibling and activated NFPs

Start 15.6.2022




Fire, Water, Wind, Earth


Utopia - Entropia the Land for our Future


We start with 1000 Gibling banknotes of each motive(not the 500 gibling banknote). The pictures on the banknote can be activated as NFPs. You can see all the different pictures of the Giblings and the Metatags (by clicking on the picture):
  • 1 Gibling banknote - 1 GIV NFP
  • 2 Gibling banknote - 2 GIV NFP
  • 5 Gibling banknote - 3 GIV NFP
  • 500 Gibling banknote - 500 GIV NFP

  • Basic function: We built a sha256 checksum of each frontside picture of the Gibling.
    This checksum is stored in the Metatags of the next picture.
    If you have a Gibling you can activate the picture as NFP and generate more pictures, Giblings and NFPs with this action.

    Why we start with only 3003 Pics: We want to include the list(checksum) of all activated NFPs in the Metatags of the newly generated NFPs.

    We are using no Cookies or Browserinformation. Fuck the rules. Fuck the IT.

    With each newly activated NFP you influence the future of the chain.

    After activating your picture as NFP, you get some Givecoins – there is a possibility to put this Givecoins back to the blockchain. For this we have a webwallet. But don't to this, at the moment the Givecoins have no market value, and the NFP is lost.

  • done - User can edit the metafiles bringing URLs texts and their own SHAchecksums into the new files
  • done - communication - Telegram channel, forum or mailinglist for interested people
  • 15.6.2022 Start of the new Gibling Edition
  • 8.9.2022 New Giblings will be instantly displayed on the WWW
  • 8.9.2022 Important systemfiles will be moved to IPFS.
  • Unknown future: Switching the whole system to a decentralized one